Our way of reliable and secure hosting. And it’s really easy too.


Ajukreizi’s hosting solution can handle all known frameworks and databases etc. (Eg node.js, Rails, Redis, PHP, MySQL, React, MongoDB, Cassandra and Docker). All services include installation and maintenance, so you can ensure your hosting is always up and backed up.



Flex Hosting

For a short hosting period. Eg. campaigns or microsites, that only run for 1 - 6 months.

Email Support


(999 DKK or $140)


Yearly Hosting

For a long hosting period. Eg. websites, web apps and similar, that need to run all year round.

Mon-Fri Support


(7.999 DKK or $1140)


Deluxe Hosting

Dedicated server, with the ability to continuously deploy multiple projects at no extra charge.

24/7 Critical Support


(14.999 DKK or $2100)

Ready to get hosted?

Contact Managing Director Jesper Balzer at and get your hosting rolling.

Special solution

Do you need a solution that falls outside of the above? We can tailor our services to fit your needs.   Get in touch with your ajukreizi contact person or write directly to Managing Director Jesper Balzer at

Domain setup

If you wish, it’s also possible for us to setup your domain at a price of 200€. We'll handle the technicalities such as IP and DNS etc. When creating emails for the acquired domain we recommend using Gsuite